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Knak Builds Client Trust by Protecting Data with Cysiv 24/7 Monitoring & Response

Cysiv delivers 24/7 SOCaaS with pen-testing, security training and Trend Micro product deployment.

Knak is an email creation SaaS built specifically for the enterprise that integrates with today’s top marketing automation and sending platforms. Knak helps their global client base, which includes major players like Citrix, Pure Storage, and Wolters Kluwer, improve marketing productivity and creativity. Their clients expect that their information is in safe hands and will be kept private and secure. For Knak, protecting the client data that flows through their SaaS platform from cyber threats is a non-negotiable.

Knowing that thousands of marketers at leading enterprises are trusting Knak, security is critical for their business. A cyber attack would result in a huge loss of trust from their customers and would be very damaging and difficult to overcome. Though security is a priority, Knak didn’t have the in-house resources required to conduct 24/7 threat detection and response or to conduct regular penetration testing of their SaaS application.


Cysiv is a leading provider of cybersecurity service whose SOC-as-aService solution is addressing common security challenges, including the skills gap, alert fatigue, high costs, and technology frustration. By combining all of the essential elements of a 24/7 SOC and delivering them as a service, Cysiv empowers organizations like Knak to defend against advanced cyber threats.

Knak was looking for a full-service security partner who could be trusted to take the heavy lifting around security off of their plates. In particular, Knak wanted to deploy Trend Micro security controls on their endpoints to help further protect their environment. Because of Cysiv’s partnership with Trend Micro, Knak was able to gain all the essential elements of a 24/7 SOC along with Trend Micro product deployment and management. Cysiv’s consumption-based pricing meant Knak could get the services they needed at a cost that fit their budget.

Cysiv developed a plan to deliver 24/7 SOCaaS, including:

  • Integration of the Knak SaaS and other enterprise telemetry and data sources with Cysiv’s cloud-native, data science- and automationdriven next-gen SIEM platform
  • Deployment and management of Trend Micro Apex OneTM
  • Monitoring, triaging, investigating and responding to threats, around the clock
  • Penetration testing of the Knak platform
  • Security awareness training for employees

Now, Cysiv SOC-as-a-Service defends Knak’s application and employees from threats any time of day or night. Triaging their logs has saved Knak time and effort, avoiding the need for their team to wade through non-critical information and freeing them up to focus on the issues that really matter. Further, Knak is able to continue growing their business, innovating their product offering and speaking to clients with confidence about the security, availability and integrity of their data and application. Finally, Knak was able to benefit from more than monitoring and response, proactively taking advantage of Cysiv’s employee security awareness training and penetration testing of their SaaS application.



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SOC-as-a-Service Threat Detection

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