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Threat Report: APT10 Group

ThreatReport_APT10APT10 is a highly sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) group that has been active since at least 2006. APT10 is believed to be a China-based actor and has conducted several cyber espionage operations on several different organizations across different industries, including Education/Research, Cloud Service Providers, Defense, Government, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Manufacturing, Hospitality, Aerospace and Mining.

The primary intent of APT10 is stealing strategic information, such as trade secrets and intellectual property, to achieve China’s national security objectives.

This report provides an overview of the threat actor group known as “APT10” including its toolset and its most well-known operations. The report is a sample of the threat research conducted by Cysiv and regularly made available to SOC-as-a-Service customers.

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Threat Research APT10

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