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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Turn Your Workforce into Your Greatest Cybersecurity Asset

Cybercriminals know that your employees are a soft attack surface they can exploit to gain access to your systems and data. This is why phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering attacks that target employees are some of the most common causes of cyber incidents for organizations. Technology won’t always stop these attacks, so it is critical to give your staff the cybersecurity awareness and knowledge they need to identify and report attacks. It’s one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to reduce cyber risk.

22% of breaches involved phishing.”

Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

What Our Training Provides

Cysiv’s web-based awareness training equips your team with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the evolving threats at work and at home. With hundreds of cybersecurity awareness and training resources as well as anti-phishing simulations, we have everything you need to prepare employees to detect, report, and fight cybercrime.

Included in our training are:

  • 700+ security awareness resources 
  • 1000+ anti-phishing simulations
  • Diverse industry and role-based training
  • Compliance training
  • Program automation
  • Reporting dashboard 
  • Assessments and performance analysis 
  • Program management 
  • Language support
  • Turnkey automated campaigns
  • Integration with endpoint protection

Benefits of Our Cybersecurity Training

Enhance organizational resilience against cyber threats.

Shift employee mindset and behavior.

Encourage buy-in and commitment toward cybersecurity initiatives.

Improve audit results and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Reduce human error and mitigate security risks.

Cysiv Training Partner

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Ready to learn more? Get your 12-month security awareness plan and reduce your risk with Cysiv’s cybersecurity awareness training.