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Strategic Alliances

Our Strategic Cybersecurity Partners

Cysiv works closely with technology leaders to help ensure superior protection and service performance and to accelerate our market reach.

Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Cysiv is part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program and the Google Cloud Technology Partner Co-sell Program. Google Cloud’s global sales force is collaborating with Cysiv to help our customers simplify the security of their cloud workloads.

Cysiv Strategic Cyber Security Partnership: Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Trend Micro

Cysiv is vendor-agnostic, and can integrate with and leverage data from most any security vendor. However, Cysiv is uniquely well-positioned to help Trend Micro customers by providing 24/7 SOC-as-a-Service, including the deployment and management of Trend Micro solutions.

Trend Micro channel partners are encouraged to become Cysiv resellers too, and capitalize on the growing demand for SOC-as-a-Service.

Cysiv Strategic Cyber Security Partnership: Trend Micro

For more information on becoming a strategic alliance partner, please contact alliances@cysiv.com.